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United States-Arizona

First of all, Arizona is hands down the most diverse state in terms of climate second to California. It has deserts and snow. I mean HELLO. You can find anything from swanky nightlife to very remote cabins in the woods. No not the horror movie. Arizona for me was a home away from home. You can connect with nature in Flagstaff, experience the hustle and bustle of Phoenix, and reconnect with your spirit in Sedona. Here I will go over the cities I visit. Of course there are more to see, but these are definitely my top picks for a must travel like next week.

Flagstaff: The drive there alone from Phoenix feels like you are on the way to Narnia. You pass through rocky formations that form there own tunnel almost, pine trees, and mountain views. Visit downtown especially. Such an array of stores from souvenir shops to one of the biggest crystal stores I have ever seen. (Finally found my Aventurine necklace at this one!). We rented a cabin air BNB and the area it was in seemed to be mostly air BnB's. Not too far from each other but not uncomfortably close either. The silence out here is UNREAL. You felt such a peaceful serene energy that I still go back to in meditations. Of course, be careful of wildlife but the deer kept to themselves. From here, we were able to get to the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon just fine. In the Winter. I'm sure this is gorgeous with the snow but watch the driving. This city was a very nature centered city. Not a ton of nightlife if any if that's what you are in to.

Grand Canyon: Okay you for sure need at least a full day here and up to three days at that. It has three rims that have access points (North,South,and West), all of which are vastly different. I will be going back to bask in both. We were only here for a few hours and did not even get to see a quarter of it. It truly is a wonder of the world. You can have people talking all around you and still be sucked in by the silence and serenity of the Canyon. Respect to all the Native American tribes (listed below) who still call this home. I wish I had the opportunity to meet each of you but I want you to know that your home is beautiful and I thank you for allowing me the privilege to visit (Met the people of the Navajo at Antelope Canyon and they are the most hospitable humans I ever met):








-Southern Paiute

Upper Antelope Canyon: Yes the Instagram famous and Microsoft background, this is the canyon many of you have most likely seen images of but not know its name. Owned by the Navajo tribe and very sacred to their people, they and they alone will take you through this wonder. Step into another part of earth if you will with amazing pictures. The tours guides are very sweet but keep in mind it gets very hot here. Please bring water. Also, the drive from the Grand Canyon to here is quite beautiful as you drive though Navajo Nation. You also go through this very trippy time change for all of an hour but welcome to the twilight zone. We reserved this well in advance because it fills up quick so be sure to snag you reservations today. It will be well worth it. There is also another antelope canyon that is a little more advance hiking difficulty called lower antelope canyon.

Horseshoe Bend: GET HERE AT SUNSET. Not too far from the Antelope Canyon, this is a world wonder in my opinion. Again, so many people in one place, yet such a silence. You are mesmerized by earths creation. I would love to camp down here if I could. Any tips on how to get that done? No reservations needed and just $10 for parking. Note: If you have vertigo, be a little cautious approaching the edge, it is not completley fenced off:

Sedona: Okay I need to get back here, first of all, I need to see the energy vortex, all of them, well feel rather and completely transform myself. The energy here is cathartic. Unbelievably serene and charismatic. Never will you feel so grounded. Mediate, do yoga, get great healthy food, or any food even, but most of all, ATV RIDE. We did it and it was so much fun. Do not speed because you could really get hurt but you really see a lot of Sedona here. Spend at least a day or two here to get the most of it. I would love to spend a whole week here if it was me. Check out the art and little shops too. So unique. Also, of anyone know of really good retreats? Please email me.

There are of course so many other places to see in AZ that I have not accounted for. I plan to air BNB it next year. If you own one, let me know :) Also, please let me know your experience in other cities. Tucson and Scottsdale are my next visits. I did not solo trip this as my family lives in this state but I will always recommend air BNB and Turo for accommodations and car rentals. As always, go where you heart takes you.

Buen Viaje,



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