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Hawaiian Islands-Maui

To start off, I will say everyone should at least come here once. To second, this was not my favorite Island. I hold no qualms against this place. I just felt it was very much like Oahu. However, it holds its own share of beauty and sacred energy. Let's go over the beautiful island of Maui.


-THE ROAD TO FREAKING HANA (HANA HIGHWAY): Well the Road to Hana but I named it according to the crazy views, turbulent roads, and questionable bridges you will endure. All worth it though. I took this road not all the way to Hana but pretty close. I stopped at the Bamboo Forest in Haleakala National and turned back due to not wanting to be caught in a rainstorm. I have heard HANA is worth seeing due to its pristine greenery but there really isn't much there. Please do not go to Hana expecting a ton of sites and restaurants. This road is easily manageable. Do not drive in the rain or at night but if you are going in daylight and clear skies, you are solid. Honk your horn on blind spots and turns and you should be good to go. You also need to take this road to get to most sites in Maui so be prepared. Also, be careful with your rental car. When you get past the seven pools, it turns into a unpaved road. Some rental car places will say, you can take their car through all of Maui but will specify in fine print you cannot take this half of the road. Unfortunately, you have to endure that part to get to Hana and the Bamboo forest of Haleakala National Park. There is apparently another road that goes here but I heard it is much more narrow and dangerous. You will see steep cliff drops, open valleys, and ocean views on this road to Hana. Feel free to pull off to the side OUT OF TRAFFIC so you can take your pictures. I was not brave enough to stop so I do not have any lol. I drove this on my own and you can safely do so. Just make sure you mind the weather and make sure your gas tank is full.

-Haleakala National Park-Pippiweai Trail: I didn't get a chance to see everything here due to only being here a few days but the Bamboo forest is unbelievably worth it. Apparently there was another bamboo trail along the road to Hana but is now closed due to injuries and is on private property. Be sure to bring snacks and a canteen with you as they do not sell plastic water bottles at these parks. Also, bug spray. LOTS AND LOTS of bug spray. The hike through the bamboo forest is very doable. A little steep in certain areas and the rocks can get slippery when raining but just mind your steps and you will be fine. They do have a waterfall you can swim in but I didn't hike far enough to do it since a storm was starting to come in. Get here early though. It gets very crowded and the bamboo forest has an energy that is more enjoyable when you are alone.

To continue with Haleakala, you need to see a sunrise here. Plenty of tour groups go here but my favorite was Polynesian Adventure Activities. You get breakfast included and a hearty one at that. You also get great story telling, additional sightseeing and the restaurant for breakfast is GORGEOUS. Pick up is early (2 am) but this is an experience you don't want to miss. IT IS COLD at the summit. Please bundle up. Dress for 20 degree or less weather. They said it was 50 when I went. I think that's a lie. They give you a jacket but dress in layers, a beanie, and a scarf. You also do get a little stargazing as you reach the summit during early morning hours at 5am when it is still dark out. At least in December you do. I also was there when Mauna Loa erupted so you can see her red glow in the night sky from the summit. Feel free to hike around just mind your lighting. Sometimes the drivers also chant an ancient Hawaiian morning chant as the sunrises. It is basically translates to asking permission to start your day. They did when I was there and it is quite the experience. You can drive up to the summit but you need a 4 wheel drive, You can also hike to the crater that this viewing is located at.

There are so many other hotspots to see in Maui. I really recommend you spend a week or two here to see it all. Do you research to see what stands out to you. I really heard great things about Iao State Valley. If you are a hiker like me, really take a look to see what hikes are here. I've heard nothing but good things about every single one of them,

Where to Stay and Transportation:

-Ka'anapali Beach Hotel: Signal on this island is not great. I would recommend downloading a GPS offline, a map, or any other navigation tool you can use without your phone. My signal kicked out on me 45 minutes out from the hotel and towards the end of the road its a little confusing. Basically take the third exit which is the last exit into the town of Lahaina. That's how you get here. This hotel is gorgeous with a beautiful private beach and beach front restaurant. The rooms are very old and outdated though. It is close to The Wave which is a downtown shopping area with restaurants. It proved convenient to be near next to a lot of places. Also, at the second exit to Lahaina, there was very touristy part of bars, nightlife, and shopping. I didn't get a chance to check it out but you should if that's what you are into.

-TURO for transportation. You can either do airport pickup /drop off or at Lahaina if you are staying here. I will just recommend airport though because this hotel is 45 minutes from the airport so an uber will cost you. Many tours can still pick you up at your hotel though. Really research the rental though. A lot of areas can be unpaved in the Hawaiian islands. MAKE SURE YOU READ THE WHOLE DESCRIPTION on Turo.

Final Notes and Tips:

-Bug spray, sunscreen, poncho, temperamental weather, hiking shoes that are water and mudproof, water canteen, cash. You know the drill if you have been reading my other Hawaii posts. This are the items that you should be bringing with you on all your adventures.

-To get here you can take major airplanes but if you are coming from other Islands, it will most likely be Hawaiian, Mokulele, or Southwest. I recommend Mokulele though. It's the same plane you take to Molokai and since these planes are smaller, they can fly lower. If you come from Molokai to Maui through Mokulele, they will fly around the back of Molokai and you can see the sea cliffs. It's like a free air excursion that you don't have to pay extra for!

-Again, try to get a place with a kitchenette if you can to save money by cooking. I was only here for two and half days so I was content with a hotel.

-Like everywhere else on Hawaii. Please come here with respect and a open heart. Respect the land, respect the people, just simply have respect. Open yourself up to the Hawaiian culture. You will in love with it all I'm sure.

All in all, Maui has it's beauty. I felt very touristy like Oahu here though as I did feel it was more developed than my Kauai and Molokai. However, I did not give it a fair chance at all since I was only here for two and half days. I will have to make my way back and stay for longer. Once I do, I am sure I will make edits to this page. Please go see him though. Maui. You won't regret it.

Buen Viaje!



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