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Hola, bienvenidos a Peru. Background context, I didn't come here on travels per say. I came here on a Medical Missions trip which I would gladly do again. Once upon a time in a past life I wanted to be a to be a Doctor so that is how I ended up in Cusco, Peru. Let me tell you all about this journey.

Side note, if you are interested at all in the Medical Missions trip I did, I did it through Medlife. Medlife works around the world and multiple colleges have a chapter. If you do not have a chapter at your school or you are out of school, you can visit their website to sign up:

Amazing memories here. From playing soccer in the local villages with the kids to having a home cooked meal as a thank you from the families we served. We take healthcare for granted and its a privilege in most countries

I took off from Orlando and we stopped in Bogota, Colombia, then we stopped in Lima and took a smaller plan to Cusco. Cusco is high up in the mountains so please heed their warning about altitude sickness. Their airport is also not big at all and please don't treat it like its a JFK. They have a plant native to only Peru that you can chew on or sip in a tea, and it helps balance the blood. Literally we were all already almost fainting or getting nose bleeds right off the plane so please have some of this plant, hydrate, don't drink before landing, and get adequate sleep.

We stayed in a lovely hostel with the rest of the schools on trip and breakfast was heavily carb based. We were also told to be careful of the water in Peru. Coming from the US, the water in Peri can host microbes and bacteria that we are not used to. Therefore do not ingest washed vegetables or fruit, and careful in the shower. Brush your teeth with bottles of water etc. This was back in 2016 so I do not know if they have cleaned up the water there. They might have so please research before you go. I would recommend actual hotels besides the hostel. It wasn't bad but I'm no longer a fan of bunk beds.

Sacred Valley:

You can do ziplining over this but we had no time. Its worth the visit for the view alone. It is called the sacred valley because it is believed to be perfectly aligned with the Milky Way. There are also other sites in sacred valley that you can visit. Feel free to google and gather a lost of what interests you.

Many of the drives are scenic and picturesque as Cusco is under developed. You are bound to have beautiful nature views in most places you go.

Main Square Cusco:

This is where you dine, get your alpaca visit time in, and buy local handmade souvenirs. You can also walk the square to the very top and have an amazing view. Please note it gets cold in Cusco so be sure to pack light winter clothes. The cathedral is one of the oldest in the country too.

Also when you dine, please keep in mind its not like America. Everything is homemade so it does take time. Ensure you have a snack before you head out if you have a fast metabolism.

The club scene isn't big but you can go to highest bar in the world. We took a ski shot and three shots in, I was out because of the altitude so be careful.

Machu Picchu:

Machu Picchu was built as a sanctuary for the royal Incan family and these are the ruins that still stand today. Off in the distance you can see people climbing the mountains and here you are above the clouds. You can hear a pin drop and I felt like I was transported somewhere outside of earth. Back in time almost. You can get here by bus or the Incan Trail. I would love to do the Incan Trail one day. There is also a small hike to go see a log that acted as a bridge for the Incans to get across from one side of the mountain to the other and its still there. You also can get your passport stamped when you visit and they do have shops to get local woven goods.

Other things to do:

I do recommend to visit other cities in Peru but please note that Cusco is the more nature centered one. Lima is a big developed city which holds it's own adventures. However, take a look at the below of other activities to do in Cusco. Get comfy shoes because you will be walking a lot:

Peruvians are sweet, humble, and hospitable people. Their food is to die for and their country is like no other. Give Peru a chance for yourself. As usual from yours truly, Buen Viaje!



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